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" My attempts to get my piano and harpsichord tuned  
 and regulated have been disastrous in the 3 years     
 since I have moved here. The last person to look at    
 my harpsichord said it was unplayable, and that my   
 Yamaha C7 piano needed new hammers to remedy  
 the damage done to them by previous tuners here.     
 Thanks to Chris, both instruments are now playing     
 beautifully, and my piano not only sings, it can             
 whisper again!"

Anne Saravo Phd. - Tellico Village
                        Serving Discriminating Piano and Harpsichord Owners
Full Line of Services Offered:

  • Piano Tuning and Repair
  • Concert Voicing
  • Action Regulation
  • Complete Documented Restorations
  • New Pinblock installation
  • New Soundboards
  • Refinishing
  • Pianos for Sale
  • Certified QRS Pianomation Installer
  • Certified Dampp Chaser Installer
  • Antique Piano Specialist
  • Consultations
  • Insurance Evaluations
  • Harpsichord Regulation and Repair
  • Custom Built Harpsichords for Sale
Carron Chernobieff posing in front of piano
Mammoth VCG built by Chris Chernobieff
Chris Chernobieff regulating grand action
Harpsichord being built by Chris Chernobieff
chernobieff QRS certificate picture
Certified Installer
Grand Piano Regulation
New Harpsichord
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Chernobieff Piano and Harpsichord
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